The Fauci Effect

The COVID-19 crisis grinds on.  Social distancing is now an accepted fact of life— indeed, it may be the thing that keeps lots of people alive period.  The American people are taking to their homes and washing their hands and cleaning everything around them.  There is hope that we are reducing the number of cases, … Continue reading The Fauci Effect


Grace to you and peace. This is another installment in my Epistles from the Epidemic series. I'd like to begin with a modern parable: There was a man who inherited a house. It was a lovely place with many fine details and appointments. It had a unique feel to it. It was large and commodious. … Continue reading Ill-Prepared

I Gave Up “Normal” for Lent

Grace and peace to you all. May this find you enjoying good health and abundant hope. Friends, we are in a new season. Last Thursday at 11:50pm EDT we entered spring the earliest we have in the last 124 years. I love the vernal equinox and the energy of life that is budding and blooming … Continue reading I Gave Up “Normal” for Lent

Epistles from the Epidemic II

Grace and peace to you all! May this find you enjoying good health and abundant hope! We continue to track the spread and effects of the COVID-19 virus, and we continue to adjust to new and strange realities. We are definitely in uncharted waters. We’re not gathering together as a church right now. The COVID-19 … Continue reading Epistles from the Epidemic II

Epistles from the Epidemic I

Grace and peace to you all! May this find you enjoying good health and abundant hope!Having cancelled church gatherings yesterday and having read the most recent news this morning in which this current crisis is going to take some time to resolve, it struck me that I will be pastoring from a social distance (everyone’s … Continue reading Epistles from the Epidemic I

Mahalo Moloka’i

Mahalo!The first time I heard the phrase was while flying to Hawai’i years ago. Every announcement concluded with the word, but it took me a while to learn what it meant. Before the flight had landed I had deduced what was being said. We would say ‘thank you,’ but I’m pretty sure that in Hawai’ian … Continue reading Mahalo Moloka’i

Big Box of Belonging

I came in from my walk and saw the box on the kitchen counter. The mailbox had been empty, but that is not uncommon. When we have packages the mail carrier has to head up the driveway and deliver it directly to the house. I had gotten a notice that some medicines had been shipped, … Continue reading Big Box of Belonging