Speaking Fluid Java

It is National Coffee Day—one of those lesser known holidays that probably come about for the sake of some commercial interest. But I have to say that this one interests me a lot! I really enjoy coffee. There’s a story there. Grab a mug and listen up.  My dad was an early riser and he … Continue reading Speaking Fluid Java

Pandemic Pals

Okay, so we’re all tired of hearing anything ‘pandemic.’ It has been an incredibly challenging and confusing year. 2020 was a great big mess for all kinds of reasons, but mostly because we had to learn ‘social distancing.’ We were advised to stay away from others who were not part of our immediate living situation. … Continue reading Pandemic Pals

Shot of Comfort

We are one year into the COVID pandemic. It is an incredibly sad anniversary. More than 500,000 Americans are dead from the disease. Virtually everyone knows someone who is no longer with us because of this virus. There are still more cases coming, and that means that there will be more deaths to count in … Continue reading Shot of Comfort

Hit or Miss

Connection. During these days of this deadly disease when we have all had to be ‘safe at home’ and learn ‘social distancing,’ we have also had to give attention to the nature of our connections. When we understand that we have a virus that we cannot see and that we also can’t see symptoms of … Continue reading Hit or Miss

In Like a Monkey

March came in like a monkey. Not a lion, although it was very windy, rainy, and stormy in the night. Not like a lamb, although there are brighter and calmer days in the forecast. No, for me it was a monkey. My brain lit up at about 2:00am on the first day of March. I … Continue reading In Like a Monkey

So Unoriginal

I hate to read. I hate to have a good book in my hands that is clear and focused. I hate to read the words that seem so obvious that there is no point in arguing with them. I hate it, because I am forever and always finding books and reading them and thinking to … Continue reading So Unoriginal

Feasting, Fasting, Fullness

It is Ash Wednesday, the start of the season of Lent. The first thing that comes to mind when most people hear “Lent” is the notion of giving something up. This has been a traditional time of fasting for centuries. Maybe that’s a good thing. The truth is that most of us have come from … Continue reading Feasting, Fasting, Fullness

By the Book

“I really do need all these books.” That’s the message on a coffee cup that sits on one of my bookshelves. I have several bookcases—a whole wall of shelves, in fact. It is part of who I am as a pastor, teacher, counselor, writer, blogger, and person of endless curiosity. I have books on theology, … Continue reading By the Book

Saints & Shadows

The sun has made its way into my window this morning. It is a clear day with only a few high, thin clouds at the moment—warmer than it has been. I’m thankful for bright sunlight on this new day. Before the sun rose, I was chatting with a good friend who has a ministry dealing … Continue reading Saints & Shadows

National Introverts Day

Today is National Introverts Day. Indeed, what perfect timing! After all the costumes and candy of Halloween, after all the feasting and football of Thanksgiving, after all the parties and presents of Christmas, after all the noise of New Year’s Eve, we introverts get a day to ourselves. Of course, we would probably have taken … Continue reading National Introverts Day