By the Book

“I really do need all these books.” That’s the message on a coffee cup that sits on one of my bookshelves. I have several bookcases—a whole wall of shelves, in fact. It is part of who I am as a pastor, teacher, counselor, writer, blogger, and person of endless curiosity. I have books on theology, … Continue reading By the Book

Saints & Shadows

The sun has made its way into my window this morning. It is a clear day with only a few high, thin clouds at the moment—warmer than it has been. I’m thankful for bright sunlight on this new day. Before the sun rose, I was chatting with a good friend who has a ministry dealing … Continue reading Saints & Shadows

National Introverts Day

Today is National Introverts Day. Indeed, what perfect timing! After all the costumes and candy of Halloween, after all the feasting and football of Thanksgiving, after all the parties and presents of Christmas, after all the noise of New Year’s Eve, we introverts get a day to ourselves. Of course, we would probably have taken … Continue reading National Introverts Day

We the People

We the People... Those words have been repeated and recited and remembered for decades. The Constitution of the United States is one of the great documents in not only our history, but in world history. In a time of revolutionary change, the people of this developing country committed its governance and direction to the people … Continue reading We the People

Debates, Debacles, & Discernment

So honestly, I did not watch the Presidential Debate last week. There were several reasons why. To begin with, it was starting right at my bedtime and I’m trying to adjust my schedule for Fall and Winter. Just like when I was a child and Dad and Mom wouldn’t let me start television shows that … Continue reading Debates, Debacles, & Discernment

Pandemic, Panic, & Permeability

I woke up thinking about how the state of the world is affecting me and my psyche. I’m not the only one who is experiencing that these days. Lots of people are not sleeping well, waking uneasily, tossing and turning as the world seems to move from one turmoil to another. We are living in … Continue reading Pandemic, Panic, & Permeability


My desk looks much the same. My books are still piled in place ready to be opened and read. The little messes that make up my desktop have not magically cleared themselves in my absence. My little jade tree is still alive and ready for a drink. In other words, nothing much has changed. It’s … Continue reading Inertia

Epistles from the Epidemic: Sacrament of the Final Breath

Grace and peace to you all. May this find you enjoying good health and abundant hope. This offering was actually written this past December. I did not publish it then because I had been dealing with and writing a good bit about death and dying—it seemed that something lighter was more in order. That, of … Continue reading Epistles from the Epidemic: Sacrament of the Final Breath

The Fauci Effect

The COVID-19 crisis grinds on.  Social distancing is now an accepted fact of life— indeed, it may be the thing that keeps lots of people alive period.  The American people are taking to their homes and washing their hands and cleaning everything around them.  There is hope that we are reducing the number of cases, … Continue reading The Fauci Effect


Grace to you and peace. This is another installment in my Epistles from the Epidemic series. I'd like to begin with a modern parable: There was a man who inherited a house. It was a lovely place with many fine details and appointments. It had a unique feel to it. It was large and commodious. … Continue reading Ill-Prepared