Seeking Silence

At last I was getting away. Heading to a little cabin up in the woods. Sounds quaint. No telephone, no television, no microwave, no wifi, no cell service—just an old stone structure and a pile of firewood. There would be electricity, but modern amenities would be in short supply. I like it that way. I … Continue reading Seeking Silence

Community Comments

Have you gotten any compliments lately? Has someone close to you said something good about you and how you go about your life? I hope so. Compliments can go a long way in helping us keep our heads up and moving forward. I received a couple the other day. One came from a staff member … Continue reading Community Comments

Southern Snow Day

Folks in Tennessee get excited about snow. We don’t see all that much during the course of the winter. It’s sort of rare that we get enough to effect life in any substantial way. So even the forecast of snow makes people react, or maybe, over-react. Cars are filled with fuel. Shopping carts are filled … Continue reading Southern Snow Day

My Missing Muse

After several months of blogging on a regular basis, I sometimes find myself wondering about what to write next. I have had moments where it seemed that it came easily and writing stories or pieces about events in my life flowed rather well. I have had other moments in which that was not the case … Continue reading My Missing Muse

Hanging Out Under a Blood Moon

Last night we were afforded an astronomical feast. There was going to be a full moon which is always nice. It was also going to be the Full Wolf Moon according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac. Not only that, but it was going to be what’s known as a super moon since the moon was … Continue reading Hanging Out Under a Blood Moon

Watching Sunrise

I’m a morning person. I tend to wake up early even if there is no alarm set. I like to get up and have some coffee, read, reflect, and write. I enjoy the quiet. I like to start the day slowly. In our current house I have a small ‘den’ at the end of the … Continue reading Watching Sunrise

[Not] According to Plan

It was late. Then it was lost. Then it never showed up at all. I am not one that has to make lots of resolutions to begin the New Year, but I do make plans. I conceive goals that I want to accomplish. I have tasks that must be completed. I have a schedule of … Continue reading [Not] According to Plan