Help Wanted

I’d like to start by saying, “Thank you.” Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I’ve been at this now for almost a year. I started to blog because I felt like writing would be a good discipline for me and that I had finally lived long enough to have something to say. I started because others had encouraged me and valued my gift with words, and because I thought that there would be occasions when I might say something of value for myself or someone else.

I have appreciated those who have shared some of what I’ve written. If you found something here you thought others should read as well, then I am doubly thankful. There have been some posts that managed to gain traction and find readers in other places and even other countries. Germany, Ireland, the United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Argentina, Egypt, Italy, China, Hong Kong, South Africa, and others — it’s amazing how words get around our world these days, including some of mine. I appreciate you who’ve passed on my posts to others.

This has been a rewarding experience for me. I have had people come up and tell me that they saw something in the blog that they enjoyed. I have had people make note of things they they had not thought of before. I have had people refer to it in letters and conversations with others. If in some small way I’ve made a positive contribution to the community, then I’m glad.

I could go on about other aspects this year of blogging has brought me, but that would take me away from my main purpose today. I need some help. Yes, you heard that right: I need help. I need to hear from those of you who have read and reflected on the journey thus far.

I have had a busy season in my life and work the past few months. I write lots of things apart from this blog, and I have been pouring out a good bit of creative work for our church and community. I have several upcoming activities that will take me away from my normal routines (such as a mission trip back to Alaska!). As I am in the process of planning ahead on some topics and themes for the year to come, I could use your assistance.

I have covered a good bit of ground in the past months. I have shared a some of what’s been going on in my life and the lives of those around me. I have let you in on the events and experiences that I am living through right now.

So as you reflect or remember what you’ve encountered here, as you review perhaps some of what I have offered, I am asking you to share with me which pieces and perspectives have given you the most. Are there topics on which you would like to hear more from me? Are there stories you would like to hear more of? Are there themes in my writing that resonate with you on a deeper level? Are there questions that come to mind about what is shaping my character now?

I’m just trying to prime the pump here. That list is by no means all that could be asked. I trust you are all intelligent and thoughtful readers who could come up with more questions on your own. I guess if I sit and think long enough, I could also come up with more and better questions. But my hope is that you will comment below and ask me something that comes to mind.

I’m asking you to do me a favor. Take a moment and ask me a question. Participate from your side of this conversation in a way that makes me stop to think and reflect before I compose another post. Throw something at me that you are curious about. Put a new twist on something you see here and give me the chance to respond. Ask me a question about hiking or hammocks or worship or work or prayer.

I am looking forward to see what you all come up with. My curiosity is working on me.

4 thoughts on “Help Wanted

  1. What is your take on the American adoration of sports?

    If she were alive today, what would your Granny say about contemporary social/political/ecclesiastical issues? (bonus for writing as dialogue?

    List 5 formative books that have most shaped your worldview and describe how.

    How’s that for starters? 😆


  2. Hi – you don’t know me Les but I know your daughter from WTS! She is just great! My wonderings are why the ‘church’ ie Reformed perspectives pays lip service to ‘reading two books’ that of nature and the Bible has held one so high and one so low! Wondering with your deep and meaningful connection to nature if you could put forth some ways to raise ‘reading the book of nature’!!!! Seems to me if we had held both equally the earth might be in a better place! Any thoughts – and ‘hi’ to Maggie!


    1. Mary, you ask a great question. My guess is that we pay ‘lip service’ because so much of what we were doing and the manner in which we were doing it during the Reformation revolved around the logical arguments concerning doctrines; it was a head-to-head sort of thing. If we ponder the natural world for any length of time, then we will quickly come face to face with mystery and marvel and things that do not fit nicely in our categorical containers. Our Reformed ( and it applies to other Christian communions as well) problem may be that the tend to read the Bible indoors and often in isolation, whereas we avoid reading the ‘book of nature’ outdoors and within its own context. We need a curriculum in which we sit in silence and solitude with the natural world for a while—until we actually begin to hear the silence. I find moments when I am stopped cold by a vista or a scent or the sight of a single wild-flower; it is as if I am arrested and cannot move until I contemplate this wonder that is before me. My heart and mind are immediately raised in praise at such occurrences. We need long walks in the woods to get closer to the Creator, just as much as long expositions of the Word to get closer to the Savior. Hope this helps answer the question somewhat. And if you’re a friend of Maggie’s, then you’re a friend of mind. So glad to make your acquaintance. If you have more questions, then please keep me posted. I’ll look forward to conversing and seeking answers together. Blessings. Les


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