Age of Generosity

It was not a normal birthday. Often birthdays are filled with cakes and parties and music and gatherings of family and friends. I was going to be in a small darkened room, with only my sister in attendance and a couple of medical staff. Instead of dancing and mingling, I would lying almost completely still. … Continue reading Age of Generosity

Young Man Stares at Sixty

I had an unusual experience not long ago. My daughter had put in a request to have Irish Beef Stew for supper, and by that we mean real Irish stew made with Guinness Stout. I am not one who buys alcohol on a regular basis. I found the beef, some Dubliner Cheese (I did say … Continue reading Young Man Stares at Sixty

Danger at the DMV

On my birthday this year I had to go in to renew my driver’s license.  I was turning 60 and the state of Tennessee decided that I needed to check in physically rather than just mail it in.  An appearance was mandated.    A trip to the DMV will reveal something about our character.  Do … Continue reading Danger at the DMV