Age of Generosity

It was not a normal birthday. Often birthdays are filled with cakes and parties and music and gatherings of family and friends. I was going to be in a small darkened room, with only my sister in attendance and a couple of medical staff. Instead of dancing and mingling, I would lying almost completely still. … Continue reading Age of Generosity

Southern Snow Day

Folks in Tennessee get excited about snow. We don’t see all that much during the course of the winter. It’s sort of rare that we get enough to effect life in any substantial way. So even the forecast of snow makes people react, or maybe, over-react. Cars are filled with fuel. Shopping carts are filled … Continue reading Southern Snow Day


So what do you say? How do you respond to the holiday greetings that are going around these days? We are in the final days of Hannukah, and it would be appropriate to greet one another with some acknowledgement of that fact. It is an important time for our Jewish sisters and brothers. But I’m … Continue reading Greetings

Young Man Stares at Sixty

I had an unusual experience not long ago. My daughter had put in a request to have Irish Beef Stew for supper, and by that we mean real Irish stew made with Guinness Stout. I am not one who buys alcohol on a regular basis. I found the beef, some Dubliner Cheese (I did say … Continue reading Young Man Stares at Sixty


This weekend was an anniversary of sorts. Each September 22 marks another year of  my ordained ministry; 27 years and counting at this point.  I reflected on that event and wrote this piece which I shared with some others who were just beginning their journey. Men’s hands, women’s hands, left hands, right hands—I do not … Continue reading Hands

30 Seconds Please

Moving feels like it takes forever! At least it was feeling that way to me. Laura and I were clearing the house where we had lived for 16 years—not exactly forever, but no small amount of time either. It’s a hard job to go through that many years of memories. The moving trucks had already … Continue reading 30 Seconds Please

Fond Farewells

I do not say ‘Goodbye’ anymore. Last year in Alaska I learned ‘a hui hou’ from some dear friends from Hawai’i. It means something more along the line of ‘till we meet again,’ but it is definitely not ‘Goodbye.’ This year in Metlakatla I learned that they have a similar expression although it is in … Continue reading Fond Farewells