Ask my Neighbor

I recently saw a story online that caught my interest. Someone was out in Amish country and came upon an elderly gentleman. There is more curiosity about the Simple People than answers for most of us. The Amish are not usually quick to engage in public conversation about matters of faith or politics, and their … Continue reading Ask my Neighbor


So what do you say? How do you respond to the holiday greetings that are going around these days? We are in the final days of Hannukah, and it would be appropriate to greet one another with some acknowledgement of that fact. It is an important time for our Jewish sisters and brothers. But I’m … Continue reading Greetings

Who Am I Now?

Dislocation leads to disorientation. When we find ourselves in a new setting, then we have to rediscover our identity. The old haunts and habits are being replaced. The common familiarities are slipping away. The people we knew are seen less often. Our whole sense of self gets skewed with a shift in location. Our identities … Continue reading Who Am I Now?

Cardboard Chaos

I have lived in cardboard lately. Not like those who actually do have a box that shelters them from the weather—I’m not homeless. For that I am grateful, but truth be told, there is a certain sense of homelessness when one moves. What was home for a long time is packed away in cardboard boxes, … Continue reading Cardboard Chaos

You Are Where You Are

When in Rome ...  We can all finish that statement.  When in Rome, do as the Romans do.  I have never been to Rome, so I can not personally verify the claim.   But it makes a good bit of sense in one way.  We are products of where we find ourselves.  Our location goes … Continue reading You Are Where You Are

Character in the Making

So what is your goal in life?  I’ve often said that my goal is to live long enough to become a character.  A character is one of those people who seems to stand out as an individual, often in some unusual or unique ways.  Characters are often a tad eccentric; they march to the beat … Continue reading Character in the Making