Plotting a Resting Place

Rest in Peace. It’s a common expression. We see it in cemeteries; we say it in ceremonies. And at least part of what it means to us is to rest in place. We have an idea that our dearly departed need to have a place in which they find their repose. For generations, the resting … Continue reading Plotting a Resting Place

Some Places Call Your Name

Alaska.  The name has always had some kind of hold on me.  When I was a boy I can remember looking at pictures of snow-covered mountains and glaciers and polar bears and endless forests—always thinking that this was somewhere I should see.  I thought that the ‘Last Frontier’ sounded like the place for a young … Continue reading Some Places Call Your Name

You Are Where You Are

When in Rome ...  We can all finish that statement.  When in Rome, do as the Romans do.  I have never been to Rome, so I can not personally verify the claim.   But it makes a good bit of sense in one way.  We are products of where we find ourselves.  Our location goes … Continue reading You Are Where You Are