The Long and Short of It

Mission has a way of giving you new perspectives. I’ve been blessed to go to Alaska the past few years with some wonderful people. We get the chance to pour energy and enthusiasm into some small villages where people manage to get by on less than what others have in this world. We develop relationships … Continue reading The Long and Short of It

National Hammock Day!

If all goes well, then the sun will be shining. The temperatures will be cool and delightful. There will be a light and refreshing breeze. I will be on a small island in Alaska among friends that are very much like family. There will be several of us enjoying the afternoon. And I will be … Continue reading National Hammock Day!

Fond Farewells

I do not say ‘Goodbye’ anymore. Last year in Alaska I learned ‘a hui hou’ from some dear friends from Hawai’i. It means something more along the line of ‘till we meet again,’ but it is definitely not ‘Goodbye.’ This year in Metlakatla I learned that they have a similar expression although it is in … Continue reading Fond Farewells

Traveling Companions

I have made my way to Alaska once again.  It takes a bit to travel that distance.  Along the way there are ‘planes, trains, and automobiles.’  In addtion to those, once you are in Alaska there is almost certainly going to be a boat or ship involved.  There’s lots of water up here, so one … Continue reading Traveling Companions

Some Places Call Your Name

Alaska.  The name has always had some kind of hold on me.  When I was a boy I can remember looking at pictures of snow-covered mountains and glaciers and polar bears and endless forests—always thinking that this was somewhere I should see.  I thought that the ‘Last Frontier’ sounded like the place for a young … Continue reading Some Places Call Your Name

You Are Where You Are

When in Rome ...  We can all finish that statement.  When in Rome, do as the Romans do.  I have never been to Rome, so I can not personally verify the claim.   But it makes a good bit of sense in one way.  We are products of where we find ourselves.  Our location goes … Continue reading You Are Where You Are

Time to Speak Up

I am the youngest of four children.  One of the advantages of being the youngest is that you already have older siblings ready to help take care of you.  As the youngest you get the chance to be both the object of affection and jealousy all at the same time; you get built-in baby sitters … Continue reading Time to Speak Up