Big Box of Belonging

I came in from my walk and saw the box on the kitchen counter. The mailbox had been empty, but that is not uncommon. When we have packages the mail carrier has to head up the driveway and deliver it directly to the house. I had gotten a notice that some medicines had been shipped, … Continue reading Big Box of Belonging

Chipping Away at the Writer’s Block

“Blank 21” That’s the name of this file as I begin to write. It doesn’t have a title yet. It’s just the number that comes up from the word processing program. My brain hasn't gotten that far. It may take a bit before any organizing principle presents itself and claims that line. But the fact … Continue reading Chipping Away at the Writer’s Block

Still in Tune

“I know that voice!” There was instant recognition. He hadn’t seen me yet, and all I had done was to call out his name. That was all it took. The connection we had had years before was still tight. Good friends can reconnect in a heartbeat. I hadn’t told him I was coming to the … Continue reading Still in Tune

National Hammock Day!

If all goes well, then the sun will be shining. The temperatures will be cool and delightful. There will be a light and refreshing breeze. I will be on a small island in Alaska among friends that are very much like family. There will be several of us enjoying the afternoon. And I will be … Continue reading National Hammock Day!

Fond Farewells

I do not say ‘Goodbye’ anymore. Last year in Alaska I learned ‘a hui hou’ from some dear friends from Hawai’i. It means something more along the line of ‘till we meet again,’ but it is definitely not ‘Goodbye.’ This year in Metlakatla I learned that they have a similar expression although it is in … Continue reading Fond Farewells

Traveling Companions

I have made my way to Alaska once again.  It takes a bit to travel that distance.  Along the way there are ‘planes, trains, and automobiles.’  In addtion to those, once you are in Alaska there is almost certainly going to be a boat or ship involved.  There’s lots of water up here, so one … Continue reading Traveling Companions

Some Places Call Your Name

Alaska.  The name has always had some kind of hold on me.  When I was a boy I can remember looking at pictures of snow-covered mountains and glaciers and polar bears and endless forests—always thinking that this was somewhere I should see.  I thought that the ‘Last Frontier’ sounded like the place for a young … Continue reading Some Places Call Your Name