30 Seconds Please

Moving feels like it takes forever! At least it was feeling that way to me. Laura and I were clearing the house where we had lived for 16 years—not exactly forever, but no small amount of time either. It’s a hard job to go through that many years of memories. The moving trucks had already … Continue reading 30 Seconds Please

Traveling Companions

I have made my way to Alaska once again.  It takes a bit to travel that distance.  Along the way there are ‘planes, trains, and automobiles.’  In addtion to those, once you are in Alaska there is almost certainly going to be a boat or ship involved.  There’s lots of water up here, so one … Continue reading Traveling Companions

Danger at the DMV

On my birthday this year I had to go in to renew my driver’s license.  I was turning 60 and the state of Tennessee decided that I needed to check in physically rather than just mail it in.  An appearance was mandated.    A trip to the DMV will reveal something about our character.  Do … Continue reading Danger at the DMV