Inner Journey

I’m going on a journey. I'm leaving tomorrow. It will be an extended trek that will last several weeks. It will be an adventure, and I love adventures. But I will not actually be leaving home. I will not be booking flights or packing suitcases. I will not have to have a passport or boarding … Continue reading Inner Journey

More like the Monks

I’m heading to a holy place. In a few days I will be driving to the knobs of Kentucky, to Nelson County in the heart of bourbon country, to spend some precious time in silence and solitude. For nearly 30 years I have been making an annual pilgrimage to the Abbey of Gethsemani. It started … Continue reading More like the Monks


This weekend was an anniversary of sorts. Each September 22 marks another year of  my ordained ministry; 27 years and counting at this point.  I reflected on that event and wrote this piece which I shared with some others who were just beginning their journey. Men’s hands, women’s hands, left hands, right hands—I do not … Continue reading Hands

30 Seconds Please

Moving feels like it takes forever! At least it was feeling that way to me. Laura and I were clearing the house where we had lived for 16 years—not exactly forever, but no small amount of time either. It’s a hard job to go through that many years of memories. The moving trucks had already … Continue reading 30 Seconds Please