We the People

We the People... Those words have been repeated and recited and remembered for decades. The Constitution of the United States is one of the great documents in not only our history, but in world history. In a time of revolutionary change, the people of this developing country committed its governance and direction to the people … Continue reading We the People

Debates, Debacles, & Discernment

So honestly, I did not watch the Presidential Debate last week. There were several reasons why. To begin with, it was starting right at my bedtime and I’m trying to adjust my schedule for Fall and Winter. Just like when I was a child and Dad and Mom wouldn’t let me start television shows that … Continue reading Debates, Debacles, & Discernment

Political Table Talk

There’s a lot of shouting going on these days. Conversation has turned into contention. ‘Civil discourse’ has become less civil with each election cycle. Here we are a day or two ahead of mid-term elections and from the sounds of the commercials you would think that no one running is worthy of being elected—to hear … Continue reading Political Table Talk